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E-Coli Strikes Again!

Organic food under attack once more! Raw milk is now the next victim of this E-Coli "epidemic" sweeping the nation. We have been telling our readers over and over to watch for a food related scare. With food regulation and CODEX determining the future of organic standards, agriculture laws, and nutritional supplements, there is a big scare being created to sway the public into believing that more regulation and control needs to be asserted.

Powerful companies are looking to get their patented chemicals and irradiation techniques written into new manufacturing laws. For the chance at making billions of dollars, these industrial companies will spin any common situation to create a public outcry for their genetic, chemical, pesticide and radiation processes to keep our food "safe". The general public is once again being controlled with fear tactics, and what better than our very food? The raw milk in California is now under attack, (when no raw milk was ever found to contain any E-Coli). Here is a message from the site of a local raw milk farm:

To our Dear Friends and Customers,

Thank you for your concern and support over this last week. We understand that the young people who were sickened are now recovering. All of us here at Organic Pastures have so appreciated hearing how much our raw dairy products mean to you.

We are pleased to announce that the quarantine on our products has been lifted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Many thanks to the CDFA for the opportunity to work with them to ensure the health and safety of consumers.

We know there is confusion about what has happened in the last days, and want to share with you the information we have. Here is the course of events:

On September 21st we received word from the California Department of Food and Agriculture of possible bacterial contamination of our milk and milk products. We immediately initiated a recall to ensure the safety of our customers. We began working with state and independent investigators to determine if, indeed, our milk had been contaminated by E Coli.

The families of the four children struck with E-Coli (and are recovering well, we are pleased to say) reported that among the foods they had recently ingested were raw milk or raw colostrum, which pointed food inspectors to our dairy. However, 100% negative test results suggest another cause.

State investigators tested samples acquired from the families, and conducted what we understand were over 600 tests of our farm, cows, pasture, milking equipment, and milk products. No E-Coli was found.

So, after all this testing, it remains a fact that no E-Coli has ever been found in any Organic Pastures product.

It has now been determined without question that our health conscious consumers may continue to enjoy our pure, unprocessed, nutrient-rich milk. We will do our very best to ensure our milk is on your market shelves as soon as possible.

America is a country that first and foremost, honors freedom. While we deeply respect and value the work of government agencies to keep us safe, and appreciate our partnership in supporting this mission, we sincerely believe in the right to choose ones' food. But with freedom comes responsibility. Organic Pastures fully recognizes the great responsibility we have in providing a whole, unprocessed food that is safe, delicious, fresh, and always I'll say it again: always found free of dangerous pathogens.

For hundreds of thousands of years before industrial agriculture, humans were blessed with perfect, natural, unprocessed food sources. We believe that raw milk, with its multitude of beneficial properties, is one of Creation's biggest gifts to mankind. Our milk is produced according to Nature's blueprint, and for the sake of people everywhere, we hope to keep it that way.

Thank you again for your concern let's stay in touch!

Mark McAfee
Founder OPDC

www.organicpastures.com 1-877 RAW MILK

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@ 12:48 am 3 october 2006

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