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Organic Food Under Attack

Spinach Kills Popeye

Remember a few short months ago I warned everyone about a "food scare" that was about to occur. The tainted spinach ordeal is just the beginning. I happened to noticed that the news continued to mention organic produce as the culprit before the true source was known. ABC News even ran a poll asking if their readers believed that organic produce was "dirtier" than other fruits and vegetables. What an odd poll to run, it's so insinuating. When the e-coli was traced to non-organic bags of spinach, the news media continued to bend their stories toward the "problems with organic foods" even though there had been no problem with any organic spinach. It does give us an idea of their agenda, however.

I believe news like this is going to continue. Slowly the nation's opinion will be chipped away at, hoping that this new trend for healthy organic food will go away. Now that major chains like Wall Mart are selling Organic Produce, the chemical food companies are going to use any press and media to bend customers back their way.

A friend of mine visited last week and told me her husband (a professional cook) does not allow any fresh greens in their home after the recent spinach incident on the news. I was shocked at how much impact the media made on them. I also found it strange that there are thousands of cases of e-coli poisoning yearly, but they never make the news. It makes one wonder about this "news worthy event".

There is a lot of new regulation attempts being made regarding our food, especially organic food. Many companies want organic regulation changed so that chemical pesticides can be used on the produce, and still receive the organic seal. Things like CODEX, World Trade Organization laws, as well as new organic regulations, restrictions, and allowances are all being revised, and all they need is public approval. If more and more of the general public is made to fear their local produce, then it is easy to get the people to want more regulation. Much of the new regulation creates tons of paper work, makes production costs rise, and puts the small organic farmer out of business. The real agenda to all this is that corporate food companies are able to put the little guys out of business this way, and change public opinion away from organic foods. Ultimately I believe that they are leading to regulations that actually allow even more chemicals to treat the food in order to make it "safe". The food industry is big money, and billions can be made off a single chemical additive, if made law.

All I can say is be on the watch for more food related mayhem. Look for news stories demanding new food regulations, and then watch for their not-so-safe chemical solutions teamed up with new bills and laws. By reading between the lines, one may discover that our food and water are under attack.

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