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Dr. Grumble's Frequency Device

hulda clark zapper

Over the past 100 years scientists have had the theory that pathogens could be shattered in patients using specific frequencies just like a singer can shatter a glass. Great scientists such as Nikola Tesla with Diathermy, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife with Beam Ray, and Hulda Regehr Clark Ph.D. with Zapping have all provided man kind with an effective way to help boost the immune system to wellbeing using simple oscillator devices.

The theory on these zapper devices is that they pin point the mortal oscillatory rate of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and parasites destroying them where ever the frequency can penetrate. The human body is mostly made of a salt water composition sending an electrical frequency rather easily. With modern electronics today's zappers are simple devices that one simply holds onto the handles and turns on the circuit. In Tesla and Rife's days the unit was more complex involving plasma light bulbs that would transfer the frequency using light. Rife's equipment allowed a whole room of people to be exposed at once by the large bulky expensive apparatus.

It seems that Dr. Grumbles had collected a lot of research on such devices when we were going through the file cabinets that survived the PetroPharm Lab fire. It seemed that the evil doctor was involved in suppressing any information regarding the benefits of using a frequency device for day to day health. The agenda was ironic. If the knowledge got out of there being "healthy frequencies" there would have to be more regulation of "unhealthy frequencies". The Alameda Point Navy Base where PetroPharm Labs once stood was involved in using top secret low frequency communication devices on it's Navy ships, carriers, and subs.

The low frequency communication devices were based on the Navy's research into whales and marine mammals that had the ability to communicate nearly across the globe using sound. The Navy used powerful transmitters that were in ranges that often caused illness, sterility, and rare cancers in the workers that spent the most time near the technology. Many times when masses of whales beach themselves it is thought to be caused by the Navy's use of the communication technology which blocks the great mammal's ability to navigate.

The paper work that I reviewed from PetroPharm Labs lead me to believe that Grumbles and the Navy feared that if the common person was to understand and use a zapper, eventually it would become a public outcry for more regulation of electromagnetic frequency pollution. Commercial products such as wireless communication (cell phones - wireless lap tops), microwave ovens, fluorescent lighting, and Hi-Def televisions may all be regulated and even taken off the market when the dangers were more understood, hurting the technology market. More importantly to the Navy was that their powerful communication devices were not turned off.

Only later was it realized that another benefit of suppressing the science of healing with frequency was that it did not compete with the pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics manufactured by PetroPharm Labs. By keeping these devices out of the common person's hands, PetroPharm and the Navy had a win-win situation. The conspiracy spread fast and easy. As beneficial as the zapper may be to humanity, it would make too many other items that were worth billions obsolete or outlawed. The entire infrastructure, national security, and economy were at stake, all from a simple and affordable oscillator circuit that anyone could build or buy.

Dr. Grumbles had so much literature on the subject, that the deeper one read, the more and more it become wilder than any science fiction movie. The zapper worked on the theory that all substances and organisms have a unique frequency. When the exact frequency of a substance is oscillated nearby, after a few minutes the substance will start to vibrate and disintegrate. The two frequencies being the same cause a phenomenon similar to microphone feedback. One sound endlessly looping out a speaker into the mic, back out the speaker, into the mic - making a screeching sound. Grumble's science went on to state that even time itself has certain frequencies, as the very word frequency implies time, in that it just means how many times does electricity loop within a certain time frame. It seemed in the end days of PetroPharm Labs Grumbles was dabbling in time travel using oscillator devices. His personal notes write of instances of success using his time traveler frequency devices.

Now it is uncertain if Grumbles died in the horrible fire at PetroPharm Labs that cold October night. Is it possible that he escaped, and if so, did he escape into the past or to the future? As crazy as it all sounds, I now believe that Dr. Grumbles may be out there still working his evil plan. I always wondered why he did not escape along with all the Nurse Bettys and The Slug. It just may be that to take us off his trail, he faked his death, as a body was never found. I also wonder if it is possible that he traveled into one of the Nurse Bettys as her unborn child. When Danger Scout captured video the day he spied on the pregnant Nurse Bettys at the Islander Motel, I can't help but wonder if there is a Baby Grumbles out there, cloned or otherwise? This investigation is getting so convoluted. I'm looking for clues in another dimension, and I never know what to think, or what to believe anymore.

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@ 08:24 pm 2 june 2006

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