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Bird Flu Conspiracy

Jon Rappaport


DECEMBER 21, 2005. The article below, which I originally posted on 12/5, has attracted some attention. Last night, I was on a show (Austin, Texas) and discussed the article. So I want to append a few more

BARDA, the new super-secret federal agency embodied in Senate Bill 1873 (now waiting on the floor of the Senate for consideration and vote), is clear evidence that the federal government is taking its "protection of citizens" to a new level in the medical area.

The feds won't have to explain what germs they are fiddling with and researching; they won't have to tell citizens what drugs and vaccines they are developing to ward off these germs; they won't have to gain ordinary FDA approval for the drugs and vaccines; they can declare an emergency for any reason; they can then mandate that all citizens take these drugs and vaccines; they can and will deny all requests for information on the adverse effects of the drugs and vaccines; they can and will declare that drug companies are free from any legal liability stemming from adverse effects of the drugs and vaccines; they can and will guarantee that drug companies will make a profit from the drugs and vaccines, even if these medicines are not used at all.

That pretty much covers the waterfront. Any senator who votes yes on this bill is either insane or sold out.

This is medicine practiced by complete coercion, under the rubric of: we are here to protect you and we won't take no for an answer.

Bill 1873 does not simply apply to supposed bio terror attacks. It also applies to impending pandemics and natural outbreaks.

It is quite clear that, without the massive hoax of a PR campaign to promote bird flu as a serious threat, this bill would be laughed out of the Congress.

Why the gathering focus of the government on medical issues? Because, as I've written since 1987, Medical is the perfect neutral-sounding reason for imposing all sorts of draconian restrictions on freedom. It's not Republican or Democrat. It's not liberal or conservative. It's a banner that appears to be all about "humane concern." That's the vector. That's the way in. That's the hook.

Drug companies simply can't survive in anything approaching a free market. Those companies---which routinely release poisonous compounds as treatments---have been searching and working for a kind of partnership with government that guarantees them viability. In this Bill, 1873, they have found gold at the end of the rainbow.

But they needed a pretext, a possible "Pearl Harbor." They tried West Nile, mad cow, SARS. All hoaxes. Then they launched torrent after torrent of lies about bird flu. And now 1873 stands a chance of passing. Bush, of course, will sign it if both the Senate and House approve.

There are holes in this Bill that are big enough to drive a truck through. They all have to do with enforcement. As in, how do you get an entire population to take a drug or vaccine under orders? Remember the ill-fated and lunatic smallpox vaccine effort a couple of years ago? The centers set up all over the country folded. People didn't show up for their shots. Finally, even conventional doctors stood up and said the vaccine was very dangerous.

If 1873 passes, everything will depend on citizen reaction. If millions of people are aware of the hoax, the whole program will crash.

DECEMBER 5, 2005. UPDATE (12/6): During my appearance on the Noory show last night, I also pointed out that, because of the enormous PR and propaganda blitz concerning "the imminent--could be--may be" bird flu pandemic, Senate Bill 1873 has a chance of passing into law. THIS is one of the payoffs from all that propaganda. Establish, on the basis of no fact, the illusion of a pandemic---and then bring this heinous, unconstitutional, and repellent bill into the Congress.

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