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Discovery's Return To Flight

Space Shuttle Discovery: Return To Flight

I guess it's because I'm a cartoonish science fiction character, and I can imagine myself in their place, but I always worry about astronauts. It's a big bad universe out there, and to be up there "floating in a tin can" must be exciting as well as terrifying. With all the problems it takes to get a few astronauts into the atmosphere around our planet, I have to wonder if all the moon landing conspiracy stories are right. Have we ever put a man on the moon? If you think about it, more things can go wrong than can go right. No space mission is ever 100% perfect...

Teacher In Space

When the Space Shuttle blew up back in 1986 killing the school teacher Christa McAuliffe who was to be the first non-astronaut, or civilian crew member sent to space, the dream was over for me. How can we believe that the space program ever successfully put a crew on the moon, and brought them home again if today's science cannot do it?

The most conspicuous event was the canceling of the moon program. If we had ever really landed on the moon, I don't think it would have been cancelled. Something fishy is going on, because Americans love space travel, and the funding is out there. Why would we land on the moon a few times, then be happy with only the space shuttle program? And you are telling me that no other nation would have sent up a few manned craft once it was possible? Once again, it just doesn't add up to me. I'd expect a McDonalds and a Starbucks up there by now if we had ever really gotten there.

In my opinion, the Space Shuttle is space travel's greatest advancement that is not just a propaganda program. It is as far as man has actually gotten into space. That's why I find it so interesting. The Space Shuttle made the creation of Space Stations possible. But the darn things blow up all the time on take off.

Now there is a another crew waiting to board the Discovery one more time. When the Space Shuttle program was dropped by Congress, I bet the big beast took a heavy sigh of relief. Now that NASA has decided to 'Return To Flight' there is nothing we can do but hope the ship can do it's job one more time, for the seven astronauts Steve Robinson, Jim Kelly, Andy Thomas, Wendy Lawrence, Charlie Camarda, Eileen Collins, Soichi Noguchi, and for America. Our thoughts and hearts are with you all.

Check out the NASA web page for updates on Space Shuttle Discovery's Return To Flight.

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