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Aspartame Conspiracy

It is always shocking to read how our Nation's greatest leaders are notoriously involved with the misdeeds of major corporations. The conflict of interest of "protecting" our country teamed up with sitting on the board of major corporations, often leads the USA down the wrong path. It comes as no surprize that making big money comes before protecting our citizens.

Today for the first time I read that Donald Rumsfeld was made the CEO of GD Searle in order to get FDA approval for Aspartame (Nutrasweet). It seems that GD Searle had failed for over a decade in getting FDA approval due to the fact that the substance was so toxic. In fact, aspartame was actually on a Pentagon list of biowarfare chemicals submitted to Congress, which just goes to show you how lethal a chemical it really is.

Even scarier, the doctor that was in charge of the lab to study Aspartame, reported that the substance was too toxic and he mysteriously disappeared and all the paper work somehow was destroyed. He was replaced along with the members of the FDA that disapproved of Aspartame's approval... After Aspartame passed FDA, all these new members were rewarded with huge cash sums. A job well done.

This is further proof that our immune system is under attack by our own government. We are worth more to the system when we are sick. The pharmaceutical industry funds every politician in order to make a friend. They are not republican or democrat... they will fund any and all that run for office. They know that people do not like to "bite the hand that feeds". News companies are mostly funded by drug ads, so of course the evening news does not report on drugs and their side effects until it is too late.

How can we trust Rumsfeld to defend our nation if he is part of a team that is knowingly poisoning our people with chemical warfare? How can we know he is not doing this in many other ways? I have a bad feeling things are really wrong in Washington...

I believe that there is a huge effort right now to control population. There is an agenda to attack our immune systems in order to kill off the weak, sick, and elderly. Anyone unable to work and slave their day away will be slotted for destruction. Issues like CODEX allowing German Pharmaceutical companies to control vitamins, herbs, and supplements worldwide is the next step in removing any way for individuals to maintain their own nutritional needs. CODEX also allows more pesticides and molds into our food and animal feed, making mass production easier for the big companies.

German world domination did not die out with the end of World War II. In fact, I hate to admit it, but I believe that the Nazis actually won the war. They just pretended to lose so that we wouldn't notice them take over our government. This way there would be no civil unrest or attempts for upheaval.

Think about it, the Nazis were conducting all their pharmaceutical research on the poor people in their concentration camps. When the Nuremberg Trials broke up the monopolies of that time, they split into what is today the four leading German Pharmaceutical companies.

These companies are set for world domination via controlling FOOD and NUTRITION. The World Trade Organization sets the perfect ground work for these evil doers to get their claws into any country that has agreed to follow WTO regulation. CODEX was signed this 4th of July in Rome to keep US media at a low level. Isn't it ironic that our health freedom was signed away on the 4th of July? Who else but a group of USA-hating thugs would pull such a punch? It seems so obvious, yet no one seems to see it...

It freaks me out.

Over and Out, Danger Scout.

Danger Scout transmitted it
@ 11:03 am 12 july 2005

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