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The Royal Rife Conspiracy

Royal Rife

Going through the burned out rubble of what was once PetroPharm Labs, several files were uncovered that survived the fire. Information going back as far as the 1930's concerning "the device that could save the world" and instructions for the suppression of the device by our government with the aid of PetroPharm Labs, and Dr. Grumbles. It seems that Grumbles was given the job to discredit a San Diego doctor named Royal Rife who had achieved some remarkable results with a frequency device.

Rife had invented two devices that worked together in hopes to cure disease. First there was his prismatic microscope (in photo above) that was famous because it was the most powerful in the world, even to this day. With the use of crystal prisms that could be fine tuned until one could actually see living viruses, Rife would then use a second device, a frequency emitting light tube to determine the mortal oscillatory rate of living viruses. Rife would spend days adjusting the light tube until he witnessed the virus explode like a crystal glass explodes when exposed to a certain note. Rife claimed he could cure many different diseases like cancer with this method. People were exposed to the light, and were cured. That simple.

His papers were scientific, and his peers celebrated his findings in many documented excerpts found in news paper articles of Rife's time. This was the early days of the American Medical Association, and sadly, the birthplace of the mother of all conspiracies that is on going to this day. It seems that FDA, FTC, and the AMA ganged up on Rife, and wanted full rights to his methods, or they would not allow him patents on his devices. Having funded most of his own research, Rife needed to protect his investment, and could not give his ideas away to such a large organization for free.

Suddenly almost over night, prominent doctors would not admit to having ever met Rife, yet alone witnessing his amazing devices in action. Anyone working with Rife was pressured by any means possible, each doctor losing their license, and a few mysteriously died. Eventually all of Rife's inventions were collected up and dismantled. A few are still on display in Washington DC at the Smithsonian, but they are in their gallery of quackery devices to further discredit his work. The records also show that Dr. Grumbles had several of Rife's devices stored at PetroPharm Labs at the Alameda Point Navy Base in California.

The records go on to show how Grumbles helped to discredit Rife, but at the same time in secret was continuing his own research on Rife's inventions. Resonant frequencies are not well known, and little research has been done even to this day. It seems that Grumbles was interested because of the possibility of weapons being developed from the technology. Since everything, living or inanimate has a specific resonant frequency, and once the specific frequency has been established, when anything is exposed to it's own resonant frequency, the object just vibrates apart, and explodes. Killing viruses and microbes was not enough for Grumbles, he thought this device that could save the world, could also be used to control the world. Grumbles imagined a satellite system that could pin point any person or place, and oscillate it into oblivion with the push of a button.

Even stranger, Grumbles mentions that he personally discovered that time and places have their own resonant frequencies, and the Rife technology may even have the ability to move a person or object in time and space. As insane as it sounds, it seems that Grumbles stumbled onto a Time Machine, and no one knows how far he got with this secret research.

What we do know is that when PetroPharm Labs burned down, the security cameras captured video that survived the fire. We have just restored the security videos from smoke damage, and we do not believe what we see. Grumbles runs to a device hooked up to an oscilloscope, dials up some numbers on a little box, and then the video gets all static. When the video clears up, he is gone. Could Dr. Grumbles have escaped the fire with this experimental time travel device? And if he did, where did he end up?

To brush up on the history of Royal Rife, and the device that could save the world, please check out the book, The Cancer Cure That Worked, The Rife Report, by Barry Lynes. The book gave me many ideas on where to look for more clues and information. I now have to wonder and worry if Grumbles is still alive.

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top secret files

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