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Overwhelming Odds

It has been a long time since any of us have posted. We are tired, and recuperating our strength after many trips and battles. Any two dimensional comic book type hero could tell you that it is not easy battling crime day in and day out. After a while you realize there are so many of "them", and only one of you.

Being out numbered can be rather daunting at times, but it is also what keeps one up to the task. History is full of the little people that stood up and made a difference. But history proves that it is these people that suffer the most for it. Anyone that makes a stand might as well paint a target on their face.

After a few bricks to the head, one needs a rest. After the rest, all will be revealed here when we have put all the parts together. I can tell you this. Mark my words, and beware: a few very wicked people have regained power and are attempting to destroy the economy of the world. A depression is being replicated directly from the text books.

Any educated person can see that some bad history is about to repeat unless something drastic is done. The start was the direct attack on Wall Street on 9-11, then the propaganda of SARS to destroy Asia's tourist industry, at the same time devastating the airlines industry. The attack on people's rights and privacy in the name of security. It is no longer fun to travel. In just a few weeks, the world was already a different place, and not for the better.

The benefit of the forced depression, is to control people. Take as many of their rights away as possible along the way in the name of security. There is a population boom, and we need to turn them into frightened little workers that do as they are told. Keep them a little hungry, and you've won.

Right now we are focusing on the attack on California. It is one of the largest world economies, and it is under attack "from the inside". The unprecedented "coup" that replaced the state's governor was step number one. Now watch, no campaign promises will be kept, and the state of California will only suffer. Investors will begin to look to other states to avoid the mess that California will soon become. I don't know what can be done to stop it now. The machine is so big and has so much momentum.

The most I can do is take a while to collect my thoughts, gather my evidence, and put it all here for you to have a look at. When enough people see the truth, it becomes so easy for eveyone to see the lies. Until then, keep your eyes peeled. This administration doesn't try too hard to cover their tracks 'cause they think we are all stupid! Well... let's hope not.

Over and out, Danger Scout.

Danger Scout transmitted it
@ 11:25 pm 19 june 2005

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