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Conquering The World

one day all your problems will be solved with a pill

Lately I have been freaking out about the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the European CODEX attempting to regulate vitamins and herbal supplements in Europe. The Alliance For Natural Health is doing their best to stop the Pharmaceutical Giants from winning this battle. Regardless, the drug companies will never stop trying to gain ground on this issue even if it takes generations, so look out...

It seems that monopolizing toxic prescription drugs is not enough for the drug companies, because over the counter vitamin, mineral, and herbal complementary care products are taking too much of the health dollar away from these greedy folk, so they have decided to use their power to make vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements regulated and prescribed items. Only certain vitamins in dosages as small as the daily recommended allowance will be sold over the counter.

In my life time I have seen personal freedom getting slimmer and slimmer. What will be left if we as citizens cannot take care of our own health? We will all be slaves to our medical system without any free choice or autonomy. What if our opinion differs from our doctor, will we still have access to items like 1000mg Vitamin C, Echinacea, and Black Walnut Hull? There is a chance we would be prescribed a drug over these natural items if it is up to a doctor to decide.

It's a form of world domination, and it has been in the works for decades. Think about it. Everyone grows old. Everyone usually begins to care about their personal health at middle age, (or when they become ill). This group of people looks like a cash cow to the Pharmaceutical Giants.

It is estimated that over 80 cents of every American Health Dollar is spent on non-prescription complementary care products. The drug companies know that there is a trend away from pharmaceutical drugs due to side effects and toxicity, so the only logical choice for them is to make every attempt to control the vitamins, herbs, and minerals. Because the US is part of the World Trade Organization, if the European ban on supplements goes through, it will in effect have power globally due to the many nations that have joined the WTO. The ripple effect will in one move conquer the world.

This is the loop hole that the drug industry is exploiting. With their big bucks they can influence politics until they control any substance that affects human health. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs... until they eventually copyright air and water! I'm not kidding either, it will get THAT BAD if we do not stop it NOW.

What to do? Talk about it to everyone you know. Search on line for: Codex Vitamin Conspiracy, Check out the Alliance For Natural Health, and read more by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen about this issue.

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