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West Nile Virus Conspiracy


I've been investigating the West Nile Virus situation in California. The paranoia has set in early this summer, with publicized mass fear that the epidemic will hit hard this year. Neighborhoods in Southern California and Sacramento have begun spraying pesticides, not ruling out residential neighborhoods in their efforts to control another outbreak this season. Many neighborhoods are adopting a preventive approach, spraying pesticides even before there is any documented threat of the virus in their community.

It brings to mind the question of whether the documented cases of West Nile Virus are truly caused by an infected mosquito bite or complications caused by the lowered immune systems of those exposed to chemical pesticides. What scares me more than the mosquitos is this widespread spraying of chemicals. In my mind, nothing could be worse than all these trucks spraying poison into the air all summer long while people are outside enjoying the "fresh air."

The "Ministry of Fear" has always existed in every powerful political system. Whether it was the manipulative wrath of God, fear of Communism, fear of terrorism, fear of SARS, people are motivated by fear. It can be easily used to manipulate people in large masses in order to control them. Fear is big business. Fear of cancer, fear of disease, fear of terrorism can sell a lot of duct tape and face masks, if you know what I mean.

It is this fear that propels our civilization from one epidemic to another. When HIV and AIDS, an illness that targets homosexuals and IV drug users, was first manufactured and released into society, everyone had the fear that mosquitos may carry the virus. This urban myth became the inspiration to use mosquitos as the carrier for version 1.2 of this genetically altered laboratory virus, the latest cash cow for the chemical industry producing pesticides and pharmaceutical vaccines.

Stocks in bio-tech firms are rising due to this perceived threat to public health. This year, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed a $977,000 budget allotment for enhanced mosquito surveillance and control.

Biological warfare is not a threat from overseas, as it is often portrayed. It is alive and kicking right here in our very homes. It is in consumer products filled with immune system attackers such as PCBs and AZO dyes, chemicals supposedly taken off the market over 20 years ago but still found in trace amounts in body products, soaps, household bleach, and detergents. Soon these carcinogenic chemicals will be sprayed in every neighborhood in America, so our population can be exposed both indoors and out. It's ironic that germs, viruses and other microbes are popularly demonized as the enemy, while the true enemy to public health are the synthesized chemicals that pollute and genetically modify our environment and all its creatures.

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@ 12:15 am 26 june 2004

+ 1 report

Like most people I have been watching events since the Commission Report on terrorism or as our Leader in the White House would say, terism. So to get the newest information in re such information, I hurried over to U.C. Needles where I found my quarry, Tolliver C. Aboudabut, the Head of the Department of Investigative Findings in regard to and iicluding Terrorism in the USofA.

Dr. Aboudabut got his undergraduate degree at the School of Industry, City of Commerce quite near Los Angeles, and his Masters from Harvard and his doctorate in Local Government Studies at Yale. His dissertation was devoted to an analysis of Police Departments in Georgia and has been hailed as one of the most revealing studies in the past four or five years.

"Oh, I came to ask if you have seen the latest News about our President and his evaluation of the findings of the recent Commission on terrorism."

"I've been waiting for you, and I have the information you so desperately need."

"Oh thank god, sir."

"Yes, it is all here in my head so to speak."

"Oh dear. Then I must take notes."

"Of course. Everyone must take notes of my reports. I do not release written reports to anyone because they are so often misquoted. Now, sit over there and I shall expound my most recent and thorough analysis of these events so fraught with significance.

First let me tell you that I have pondered this subject for ever so long and I have yet to receive any compensation for all my serious efforts in this instance. Geo W in his infinte wisdom has found flaws of a perfectly horrendous nature in the Report, and has wisely decided not to make any substantive changes until after the election that will take place in a few months, I have been told.

His chief efforts will be directed to scuttling all the prattle and disinformation in the Report with the object of setting up a non-essential and disconnected Chief of Terror in the Department of Justice such that the Holy Rollers Branch of the Southern Baptist Conclave located in the city of Dry Gulch, Oklahoma, will be able to exert its holy influence on our Chief Justice, such that the Deputy Attorney General, one Hiram Sidney Ashcroft, will be able to confuscate all directives and information deemed suitable for public discourse."

"Oh, how deucedly clever."

"One should always expect the best from George."

"But of course, Oh, I do so agree."

"Is there further clarification you desire at this point in time?"

"Oh, yes. There is. But just now I forget what it is."

"That's perfectly all right, sonny. Many students who seek my advice have the same problem. It stems from their awe of me."

""Oh, I say."

"Just submit your queries in writing to my secretary and after you have paid fees she decides are due, I shall be more than happy to answer your questions."

"Thank you so much, sir. Oh, thank you."

Posted by Jack @ 08/03/2004 04:53 PM PST

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