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Mysterious Bay Area Parasite

Last night on KTVU Channel 2 News they reported a mysterious parasite that is showing up in people's skin here in the Bay Area. They first have an itchy rash that gets worse until little red insect larvae type thing comes out of the zits. I'm not making this up either, the world is so crazy the science fiction writes itself every night on the evening news. Here's the video clip which is up now, but I don't know how long they'll keep it up. They are speculating that the parasite comes from marsh lands that are being torn up during some local construction. I believe we are setting ourselves up somehow for this illness. Remember I have a conspiracy theory that body products that have petroleum products in them lower our immune system and slowly make us sick. We purchase the products, the money goes to the chemical companies. We get ill from the products, even more money goes to the chemical and pharmaceutical companies for their medicine. Even if things were not set up on purpose this way, who would change such a money making thing once it has momentum? I wish I could some how reach these poor people that are suffering from this parasite. I would have them read a book by a doctor that has researched parasites her whole life. Her study is of common parasites and how they are related to illness and disease. The book, The Cure For All Diseases by Dr. Hulda Clark is mostly about parasites. Dr. Clark believes that our body is set up for disease by our personal combination of parasites and pollutants. Dr. Clark advises to maintain an herbal parasite cleanse in order to keep the little buggers at bay, and to avoid as many modern chemicals as one can, especially petroleum and solvents. Dr. Clark states in her books that she believes that many of these chemicals that are in our body products, (and some processed foods) help the parasites cause disease in our body. The idea is that solvents may be actually dissolving the shells off the parasite eggs allowing them to be born inside our body. When they swim in our bloodstream, and then get lost and trapped in our body, diseases start to occur. If the immune system is distracted by the parasites, it may not even try to fight off illness. If I were these people infected with this mysterious parasite here in the Bay Area, I'd follow my doctors advice as well as read Dr. Clark's book for her research on parasites. The herbal parasite cleanse found in her book is easy to follow, and avoiding the chemicals in shampoo, perfume, toothpaste, deodorant, and so on, is easy with Dr. Clark's simple recipes for homemade body products as natural replacements for all these items. If a parasite can take hold on these people with immune system problems, they must boost their immune system in order to kick out the invaders. I live here, so this seems so scary to me. I hope this tidbit of information reaches those that can be helped the most by it. Remember, I am not a doctor, and none of this is medical advice, I am just an internet personality that just wants the world to be a safer place. Over and out, Danger Scout.

Danger Scout transmitted it
@ 07:28 pm 2 march 2004

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I first contracted these parasites 6 yrs, 3 mths ago. and was told by my Doctor it was just stress and precribed Paxel. They went away, I thought, within 3-4 mths.
They're Baaaack. But very different. The first ones had 2 eyes, a spine and legs; these are just like the ones you show and more.
I KNOW "CHEMTRAILS" play a BIG part in this mystery. PLEASE check this subject out on the net. See just what they are heavily spraying constantly in the Bay Area Skies!!! ALL over the world. Please, for your sake, your families for ALL of us.
Thank You So much for your time and concern. God Bless you all for caring and investigating. You're the BEST!!!
Respectfully Yours,
Elizabeth Thayne

Posted by Elizabeth Thayne @ 06/18/2004 02:18 PM PST

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