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East Coast Blackouts

SpyChick9-11 (41k image)

I just hopped on another jet to NY after the recent blackouts took place. It seems that the blackouts are just another attempt to keep the people in a state of fear and confusion. Many people walking the streets of New York were mentioning that the blackouts reminded them of 9-11. Candles lit up the stairways giving the whole town an odd 18th century feel. Pubs were full of people asking questions, wondering what was happening. The blackout went as far as Canada, and the entire east coast was struck at once.

I am investigating if there was any real cause, or if the whole thing is meant to just keep people nervous and at unrest. We are seeing it as another act of propaganda. Because I believe that the recent war is meant to help our president get re-elected, things like SARS, and these major blackouts, all seem to be tools to distract the people so that the war can go on "unnoticed". Remember that every president in US history has been re-elected that was in office during war time.

Many people believe that we should be bringing our boys back home, while Bush Jr. wants to stay in for the long haul, or at least until after election. Could the extension to the war be only a political move to help weigh the favor of re-election in George's favor?

I was at Ground Zero on 9-11 when the towers came down. The photo above is not a Photoshop recreation, I was really there. I remember wondering if the whole thing was done just to make the American people forget about the crazy events that surrounded the recent presidential election. I instantly feared there was some dark hidden secret behind it all as I stood breathing the charred dust of the Twin Towers.

Our research now shows that the bottom floors of the towers were completely decimated from some sort of major explosion, and that the jet fuel had nothing to do with them collapsing. It is thought that the towers had some sort of fail safe system, and if they were ever at risk, the building would collapse itself in a vertical manner so as not to have the buildings fall over, destroying many city blocks. When the jets hit the buildings, the risk was high enough that the officials dropped the buildings so that they could not fall sideways. This is not made public because of all the lives that were lost, that could have made it out before they detonated the explosive devices.

The New York Blackout of 2003 is just too well placed. Here it is almost September, and people get a little nervous in New York this time of year. The blackouts are an easy way to keep civil unrest in the hearts of the citizens of New York, make sure they do not forget what it's like to live in fear and confusion.

Chaos has a lot of power when one benefits from keeping our minds clouded. Often a distraction is created when one is trying to get away with something. I believe that to keep this war going strong, they are going to have to continue to keep our minds on other things so we don't rally behind ending this so-called "war on terrorism" once and for all.

I am tired, and have been between California and New York several times this month. So much is going on in this world, it's tough for one Super Spy Chick to keep up with it all! Until next time, over and out -

super spy chick transmitted it
@ 07:59 pm 17 august 2003

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I love "science fiction. Keep up the good work superspy chick.

And don't forget to keep me informed.


just some guy that lives in toronto

Posted by scott young @ 09/28/2003 03:14 PM PST

Hey Superspychick. If you like yourself you might like 'The Antenna Conspiracy'.(Google search,comes up #1)
Like your site!

Posted by Matthew Hillman @ 09/30/2003 04:35 PM PST

Your theorys are very interesting...i like to hear the citezens point of veiw and not some head honcho of a news corperation. :-)

Posted by Beth @ 12/30/2003 11:21 AM PST

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