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Evidence of Cloning Clinic

CompLab01 (38k image)

I was staking out PetroPharm Labs Computer Center all day today. There was a large pile of lumber stacked by their back door, and I could easily hide to wait for my chance to get inside. I had picked up a long piece of wood about a meter long. When anyone was to enter or exit, I would attempt to catch the door with this stick.

I was there for what seemed like an eternity. Crouching behind a pile of 4 x 4 oil treated wood. Around 3 PM the door opened, and as usual Grumbles, Nurse Betty, and some other technicians exited for their lunch break at the local diner here on the Navy Base.

As primitive as my plan was, it was enough for me to get into the computer center alone for nearly 20 minutes. Several of the monitors were off, so I sat down to the only computer left on. I immediately hooked in my USB compact and downloaded as much off their hard drive and server as I could. I was afraid that someone may come back, I could not be certain if everyone goes to lunch all at once, and getting caught at this point is not an option. Now that Grumbles has seen me, I cannot be caught breaking and entering his lab!

CompLab02 (31k image)Before I could download every folder on the network into my super spy chick compact I thought I heard the sound of a door closing off in the distance. I ducked down ready with my ray gun, but didn't hear any more sounds. I carefully inched my way toward the back entrance, being sure that there was no one there, and ran down the alley with my heart pounding out of my chest.

I've been home now for almost 10 hours hacking into the folders that I downloaded at PetroPharm Labs. There are already some very bizarre twists on the genetic research being conducted there. It seems that PetroPharm Labs does not restrict their genetic research to just plants and vegetables. Now I've seen evidence of Human Cloning being conducted under the leadership of Dr. Grumbles.

There is mention of a group of failed subjects, a group of Mutant Clones that are various mistakes, clinical errors, and experiments gone bad. These mutant clones are then kept secluded from society, living their lives mostly in underground labs. Other bizarre and cruel experiments are conducted on these creatures, and they live in a constant nightmare of injections, operations, and tests.

Much of the information is encrypted, and I am going to run it through a program to break down its code so I can get more information, and possibly photos. Until then, take care out there, it's a strange world.

super spy chick transmitted it
@ 03:50 am 12 august 2003

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