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Drinking Evil Bay...

Meeting with Dr. Clark in New York City
By Steve Taylor

On August 2, 2003 I was very fortunate to be able to attend a meeting with Dr. Clark and 12 other Clark enthusiasts in New York City. The meeting was held without much prior notice, so it was indeed a rare and seemingly providential occasion.

Dr. Clark started the meeting by stating the she was very happy and that she wanted to share some of her latest findings with us and also that she needed our help. Dr. Clark is very concerned about our municipal water supply in the United States. She has found 5 substances in our water that can inhibit the immune system and feels this contributes largely to diseases such as Cancer and AIDS. Full recovery from either Cancer or AIDS is likely only with pure, unpolluted water to drink. For those of us not suffering from such conditions, our livers and kidneys can filter out some of these pollutants for a while, but we would eventually be at risk also.

The five substances polluting our water that she is most concerned about are PCB’s, benzene, asbestos, azo dyes, and heavy metals. The worst pollutant seems to be azo dyes (there are at least 18 of them). Dr. Clark has not found a way to remove them from the body. The most likely source for PCB’s, benzene and azo dyes may well be common laundry bleach. The main ingredient (sodium hypochlorite) is not the problem. The additives (brighteners and whiteners) and solvents are the problem. To verify this she needs us to send water samples to her for testing. At the end of this message is a detailed instruction about how to collect water samples. She would also like us to see if there are pumping stations separate from the main water plant and if so take a picture of it and send it with the water sample. She suspects that the source of the pollution may not be the main facility, but may instead be the outlying pumping stations. I strongly encourage all of you to help Dr. Clark and send water samples to her! Click here to send a water sample to Dr. Clark.

Until the problem can be found and corrected at the source, there are a few procedures you can do to protect yourself if you have municipal water. First boil the tap water (a rolling boil for at least 1 minute) to remove the chlorine, PCB’s and benzene and then once cool, filter it using a carbon filter to remove the heavy metals. PCB’s can clog water filters and make contamination worse if boiling is not done. Drinking bottled water is usually not a good solution either, as bleach or other solvents are often used to clean the bottles and equipment at the plant. Well water may be all right so long as the well is not drilled using laundry bleach to disinfect the drill. Dr. Clark has also found the same immune destroyers present in many of our supplements. Apparently laundry bleach is used to disinfect equipment at the plant too. So it is best to only take supplements that are tested for such pollutants.

Dr. Clark also talked in detail about the pathology of cancer. Briefly her latest finding is that simple food chemicals can trigger the dispersion of hypothalamus cells, pituitary cells and pancreas cells which then travel and fuse to other parts of the body to start tumors. One of the food chemicals that seem to play a big role in cancer is chlorogenic acid. It is found in unripe fruits, dairy products, fried and undercooked potatoes and coffee. Cooking destroys the chemical. It is found to have an allergic effect for the hypothalamus, which contributes to the tumor nucleus for all tumors. Phloridzin is an allergen for the pituitary and is present in apples, soy products, pork, and unripe fruit. It initiates the tumor nucleus for all cancers. Again, cooking destroys the chemical. Gallic acid is an allergen for the pancreas. It is present in all grains and in oils that are preserved with propyl gallate. Again, cooking destroys it. Dr. Clark has found that onions are essential for the survival of Fasciolopsis, the parasite that is usually found with cancer. Many other food chemicals also contribute to specific cancers and can be found on page 627 of the new “Cure for HIV and AIDS” book by Dr. Clark. Apparently eating the same foods daily, especially if it is one of those above, puts you at risk for cancer. So it is best to eat a wide variety of foods. Cooked food seems to cause less of an allergic response and of course, keeping your liver and kidneys in good condition by doing liver flushes and kidney cleanses, the parasite program and zapping is your best defense against cancer.

Dr. Clark also talked about her discovery and use of Homeographic drops. Homeography is a term coined by Dr. Clark and should not be confused with Homeopathy. Homeography is based on the fact that water has the ability to incorporate the frequency pattern of a healthy organ or an antidote. When the drops are taken under the tongue, the new frequency patterns are then superimposed on your own organ, (which may have been missing frequencies due to disease) and thus it seems to have restorative effects. You can make these drops using the information on page 86 in the new “Cure for AIDS and HIV” book by Dr. Clark. You can also order these from www.drclarkbooks.com. Homeographic copies of parasites, pathogens and pollutants are used for testing purposes with the Syncrometer and should not be taken internally as it would strengthen the disease you are trying to get rid of!

My discussion in this email is merely a brief summation of the information Dr. Clark gave to us that day. And while that information was fascinating and very valuable, it was even more of a pleasure for those that attended, just to be with Dr. Clark. She was like a mother or grandmother to us all, just wanting to be sure that we were all well. She was a real delight and special treat for all of us!


How to Test for PCB and Benzene In Your Drinking Water
Find a plastic pail or large bowl. Rinse it without using soap.

Place the pail in a warm place where it won’t be disturbed, like on the kitchen counter. Run ½ cup of hot and ½ cup of cold tap water and pour them into the pail. Repeat this 3 to 6 times a day for 6 days. At this point make a sample, called a 6-Day Sample, but continue until you have 1 to 2 gallons.

Keep the pail loosely covered with a large dinner plate or a place mat. A closed container would stir up the water when you open it. If anything touches or falls into the water you will have to start over.

A few weeks after adding the last sample, gently lift the cover. Use a flashlight to reflect off the water and to see if there is an oily shimmer on the water’s surface. Next, run your finger over the inside surface of the container, just below the waterline, to see if you feel an oily scum. If a scum is felt, tilt the container a bit and, using a piece of white paper towel, rub it over the scum area. Place the piece of towel inside a sealable plastic bag, being sure to label the bag afterwards. The piece of towel can then be tested for the presence of PCB’s and benzene. If there is no detectible shimmer or scum, cover the container again and wait a few more weeks. Then repeat.

To make the 6-Day Sample: fold a paper towel 3 times. Cut a piece 5 inches long and dip the end of this wick 1 inch into the water. Most of the wick will remain dry. Place this wick into a separate, sealable plastic bag and label it “6-Day Water Sample”.

Place each sample bag inside a second bag and then place it all inside a third bag. This is necessary to prevent leakage and cross contamination in flight. Make sure the label has your name and the source of your sample. For example: “kitchen, hot, no filter”. State if there is a water softener or filter in use. Dr. Clark's address:

Dr. Hulda Clark
757 Emory Street #398
Imperial Beach, CA. 91932


Remember that Dr. Hulda Clark's methods have not been corroborated by the FDA or other scientists. The zapper has not been licensed by the FDA as a medical device, and can only be sold and used as an experimental device. No health or medical claim is intended. All information is for educational use only. Please see a licensed health professional before attempting any self health program.

Alice transmitted it
@ 12:44 pm 5 august 2003

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