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I am writing to you from an internet cafe as I am constantly on the move. I have been researching global conspiracies, and now must write this piece of fiction in order to voice my findings. Although I must state that this is merely a work of cartoonish science fiction, you may be shocked at how many tidbits of truth I throw in from time to time. Do not panic. Let me tell you that I have very little proof to anything that I am reporting, so until I collect more solid evidence, I am forced to make this all up as I go along. Besides, none of it could really be true, it's all so radical and far fetched. Just because recent events and world politics are being mentioned doesn't mean that any of this is fact. Just keep saying to yourself as you read, that it's only a story I made up, it's only a story... OK?

Many people feel deep down inside that things are not right. That something is amiss out there in the world today. Although we cannot put a finger on it, something is terribly wrong with the state of the planet. How often have you felt this way? Your intuition tells you that something is wrong, but what can you do? We all know that we should trust our intuition, and often when we do not, we later wish that we had. Everyone seems to know that the world is in a mess, but very few want to follow their intuition, and do something about it. Well, I was one that wanted to get to the bottom of it all.

I began my investigations over 6 years ago, and now I want to go public with my findings. I realize now I must have a public life, and it must be as public as possible, so that if I ever come up missing, people would notice. I am telling you that I am onto what could possibly be the biggest news story of the century... even though the century has just begun. I have evidence, scanned documents, recordings, video, and computer files that expose some of the most wicked plots ever put together. I sometimes feel that the whole world is against me. I really do not know who I can honestly trust. I fear being silenced, or having people think I'm insane. Either way it's bad for me. I never intended to fight a revolution, but as it is, I'm just fighting for my freedom to live. It seems that humans make living on earth more and more unbearable for themselves. The worst part of it all is that it doesn't have to be this way. There are some very bad people abusing their power out there, and I'm really sick of it. The world falling apart is not random, it all has it's reasons and planned functions.

Before I dropped out of The Agency and went freelance, I worked on a project that gave me access to many top secret government files. I have to admit that my natural curiosity drove me to read and consume as much intelligence I could from these documents. Anytime I could safely peruse classified documents I would.

One recent document I had the chance to look over last year discussed the Post Office's anthrax scare. The government had decided to use Ultra Violet lights set at specific frequencies that killed the anthrax spores. The technology was adapted from scientific studies by Royal Rife, and later on by Dr. Hulda Clark. These two scientists studied pathogens, and the frequencies that destroyed them. The report that I was able to read explained that the Post Office wanted to use this technology to protect its workers and customers from the terrorist anthrax scare. The UV lights over the conveyor belts would render any exposed anthrax spores innate. The report also stated how this frequency technology should not get into the hands of others. It's information and technology would be suppressed. Rife frequency generators, and Clark Zappers were available on the market on a limited basis. The very government that uses the technology to protect themselves, decided to stamp out the knowledge and common househould use of this technology for security reasons. Biological weapons are only powerful if the common people do not have an easy remedy. The president issued 'Operation Cure All' through the federal trade commision to go after businesses that retail Frequency Generators and Zappers, while at the same time using the same technology in all the post offices across the United States.

Many people do not realize that the UN in New York was originally put together by the Rockafellers, a major petro-chemical super power, in order to reduce world population by 50%. It was their hope to lessen the financial burden the poor, elderly, diseased, and uneducated put on the 'rest of world'. By spreading HIV, cancer, and other viruses many would be wiped easily out. Vaccinations are thought to be the most common vehicle for bringing disease into an area. The trail of vaccinations in Africa leave in its wake the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

In order for disease to run rampant, first they needed to set our bodies up accordingly to accept disease easier. By increasing petroleum-based chemicals in body products and food manufacturing, our immune systems are constantly under stress processing all the different toxic ingredients. We now come in contact with hundreds of dangerous chemicals every day that did not exist 50 years ago because of this program. The petroleum industry took it's grip on the food and body product industry, and health has been on the downswing ever since. Because the body products put such a burden on our immune systems, these viruses set loose in certain areas can get their grip on a large group of society. Their plan works so well, because the people are doing it all to themselves. There's no bad guy to point a finger to.

But that's where they are wrong. I decided that I would find these bad guys, and point some of my fingers at them. My search lead me to an old retired Navy Base at Alameda Point, California. Through reading several intelligence reports on some biological studies being done at the old Navy Base, I memorized a name. The leading scientist heading research done on propyl alcohol's effect on the immune system is none other than a man known as, Doctor Grumbles. A doctor with a crazy name, and an even crazier mind. It is my assumption that Dr. Grumbles is the man responsible for coming up with the twisted plot to use propyl and isopropyl alcohol based chemicals in common soaps, lotions, shampoos, dish liquid, detergents and so on, in order to run down the world's immune system. The pharmaceutical and petro-chemical cartels benefit from selling body products with chemicals that over time invite disease, which in turn sells more drugs and gives cause to gather government money for research into mysterious diseases. The entire conspiracy was air tight, and an All-Win situation for those implementing it.

As long as the combination to the locks at Dr. Grumbles laboratory have not been changed since I read the dossier file, I believe I can get in to get further evidence on this matter. I have been staking out the back door entrance to this abandoned warehouse. I have gathered several photos in order to get an idea of who I could be dealing with. First there is Grumbles. Encompassing everything a classic mad scientist from some B movie would need: a head of Einstein shocking grey hair, long white lab coat, and the craziest eyes I've ever seen. Almost always accompanied by his lab assistant, and more than likely body guard, I have yet to learn her name, but for now I'll just call her Nurse Betty. These two come and go at all times of the night, and there is a small pocket of time when they head out to eat that may be long enough for me to get into their computer room, and access the files I'll need to prove my theories. Wish me luck.

super spy chick transmitted it
@ 06:18 am 4 may 2003

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"As long as the combination to the locks at Dr. Grumbles laboratory have not been changed..."

That's a big and unlikely leap of faith. You need one of those stethoscopes and a hammer and chisel....

Posted by Jim @ 05/07/2003 01:36 PM PST

Good thinking, Jim. I'll pack those items in my boots next time I pay Doctor Grumbles' lab a visit.

Posted by super spy chick @ 05/08/2003 02:26 AM PST


Posted by bob @ 05/18/2004 06:21 PM PST

The "Sheepeople" of this earth need to WAKE UP SOON!!!
If I can help in ANYWAY, PLEASE let me know.
I'm on vacation for 2 mths. I'd be grateful to help expose what's lurking behinds thos poison bushes :0).
Respectfully and
Forever Grateful,
Elizabeth Thayne

Posted by Elizabeth Thayne @ 06/18/2004 05:40 PM PST

The "Sheepeople" of this earth need to WAKE UP SOON!!!
If I can help in ANYWAY, PLEASE let me know. I have my cape ready.
I'd be grateful to help expose what's lurking behinds those poison bushes :0) Damn good thang this is ONLY fiction... HMMMMMMMM.
Respectfully and
Forever Grateful
For your sci-fi

Posted by Liz @ 06/18/2004 05:47 PM PST

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